8-bit IDE

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Mon Apr 17 21:43:24 2000

Fact is, any idiot with a databook and a standard can devise a suitable
interface in a half a day. This thing's really simple. There's never been
any question about HOW to make a physical interface that works. The
question is (again)

    "Has anyone got sufficient experience with the IDE in non-PC-compatible
applications to say, unequivocally, whether the 8-bit operating mode
described in section 6 of the standard for the ATA (IDE) interface, yes
SPELLED OUT, actually exists in drives of the pre-1996 vintage?" It was
dropped from the standard in 1996. There seem to be many folks with
suggestions about how to implement this extremely elementary interface.
There seem to be few who know whether the standard was every full

Allison seems to be the only one who's tried this, and, I fear, it may be in
a PC-compatible, where all bets are off as to what really happens.


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> I don't know a hoot about this, but I wonder if taking a look at the
> Sequential Systems Focus card for the Apple II might be instuctive. Its a
> controller and notebook IDE drive that all fits on a Apple II slot card.
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