8-bit IDE

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Date: Tue Apr 18 11:40:24 2000

> ... and they're of about the right capacity for an old-style CP/M setup, if
> you want to be true to the period. They make the typical
> parallel-port-driven SMD or other setup typical of the 1976-1981 timeframe
> look pretty bad, though.

I do have one of those 8inch monsters, runs too. However you seem to
assume that many of the CP/M systems I have are required to be of "period"
design. FOO on that. I have many that are simply restored and they stay
that way. However I have several that are upgraded where possible to get
more performance for actual practical use. Those systems run faster Z80s
or have SCSI, big IDE (by CPM standards) and the like.

> I have one old data book from WD that has some of the XT-type controllers in
> it, but lacks that one. What are the characteristics of this one?

So do I, but I built a useable controller from it without that. Actually
there are three versions of the 1002 for the Xt bus, all look different
but operate the same due to the base chip, the 1100 series. I used some
PC source software , plus PC programming books to figure out the
registers. It was a very black box approach but I got a working MFM
subsystem that works well. The end result looks like a 1002-HDO in many

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