8-bit IDE

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Tue Apr 18 16:22:32 2000

I've never seen a CompuPro ANYTHING I liked. However, there's no accounting
for taste.

You mustn't forget, BTW, that I'm not a collector, except in the sense that
I haven't thrown some things away because I remember what they cost me.

The S-100 stuff was pretty easy to deal with back when you could make a
living with that sort of thing. Though I found the INTEL boards for the
multibus-1 somewhat better designed, they were so much more costly, I
couldn't, in good conscience, recommend them if an S-100 board, otherwise
equivalent, cost 10% as much, as was often the case.

Of course, I have a real bunch of Multibus-1 stuff because it was always up
to the mark.


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> > preference, however. If you want to run your IMSAI with an ESDI
> If I had an IMSAI it would be restored. Hwoever I have two NS* Horizons
> one virgin, teh other my 1978 unit hacked six ways from sunday mostly
> during the winter of 1980, that in itself if art too.
> > the MBEthernet, it's entirely up to you. It is, after all, YOUR
> > not mine. I find it strange somehow, to see a living room furnished in
> > '70's Spanish style with a '50's danish-modern coffee table and a
> To me a compupro crate is not anything but an empty room and has no style
> other than good construction rules. What I choose to put in it should
> have order "fung shui" as it were but that doesn't rule mixing old and new
> if done sanely.
> I can do that as I have multiples of many of the machines that are
> actively hacked. Nothing is lost, knowledge is both preserved and
> added to.
> Allison
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