light bulbs for DEC front panels

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Apr 18 18:37:17 2000

Does anyone have information on light bulbs for DEC front panels
circa 1968, in particular from a KA10 panel?

The bulbs in question have two metal pins. Some bear the legend
"OL-1", and others have two rows of info, "PL10161" on above "1209169".

There's temporarily a photo of one, next to a US penny for scale, at

Would these be the same bulbs used on the PDP-8, PDP-8/I, or PDP-8/e?

I'd like to get a manufacturer and part number of a currently available
replacement. Or a source of old stock.

I've been told that there were also plug-compatible LED lamps in red and
green. These obviously must have contained a series current limiting
resistor. Any info?

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