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Date: Wed Apr 19 22:35:05 2000


> ? C 0080 0000.40001
> ?? 1 00C0 0000.7004
> [...]
> I'm guessing this is a memory or media fault but I'm not sure... Anyone?

   Nope. "C" refers to the serial ports, "?" probably because you don't
have a keyboard or mouse connected. "1" is the Ethernet port, with
"0000.7004" saying that it's in the BNC mode, and nothing's connected.
Only the "??" will stop it from trying to boot automatically. Connect a
BNC "T" with a pair of 50-ohm terminators to eliminate this complaint.
No one cares about the other one. See, for example,
"" (and its friends) for
more details. (Most of the VAXstation 2000 diagnostics info applies to
the 3100 series, too.) Try "TEST 50" and "SHOW DEVICE" for more and
better info.

   I haven't tried it, but I'd bet a quarter that an AltaVista or Deja
search for 0000.7004 would tell you more than you might expect. This
may be _the_ most common/problem question on these things.


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