8I and KA10 bulbs

From: David Gesswein <djg_at_drs-esg.com>
Date: Thu Apr 20 07:28:48 2000

>From previous usenet posting:
The bulbs look like the 8 bulbs, they can still be purchased from DEC
 12-09169-00 LAMP, 15V _at_ .040AMP MAX, .075 $2.00
See web page http://www.digital.com/info/DAS-Catalog/dassearch.htm

On the 8/I I think the serial # is on the back of the frame, one has
two plates M26 8I L3221 and M26 8I SYS3194, which is the newer
of the machine, it also has a DEC looking piece of paper glued to the
bottom of the frame below the wirewrap dated 3/28/72. This is a negibus
also. Plates labeled M26 8I L3221 and M26 8I SYS3194. This one has chips

The older? is M-2 L-927. It has a bunch of blue and other color wires which
I assume are ECO's or options added later. It doesn't have any of the
option plates on the top of the frame. The one above only has a few.
Most of it's chips are 68, it has some of the blue Sprague chips.

Sorry, only have the one copy of 8/I manuals that I scanned.

David Gesswein
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