New finds

From: Peter Joules <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 17:06:36 2000

They are having a clearout at work :). Due to the disposals policy and
procedures all of this stuff isn't considered worth putting through the
disposals procedure and being sold/given away and so must go in the
skip. However they are prepared to lend it to me on indefinite loan on
the condition that I return it so that they can throw it in the skip if
I leave.

The best find, in my opinion, is a Samsung S5200 luggable with all docs
and the original system floppies. From the documentation it is a 286
with 2MB RAM and 32MB SCSI hard drive. The only problem is that it has
a PSU fault - when I turn it on there is no life at all. I didn't bring
it home tonight as I was on the bike and it was raining but I will
collect the complete haul on Tuesday so I will be asking for help
diagnosing this fault. I have opened it up and the PSU contains no ICs
so it is the sort of thing I might have a chance of working on.

Also in the haul is Windows 2, Windows/286, Windows 3, DOS versions 3.1,
3.2, 4, 5, and 6.22, DR-DOS 5, OS/2, DBase versions 2 and 4, Turbo C++
V3, Zortech C, Wordstar 3, and 6 along with WordStar for Windoze,
SuperCalc versions 4, 5 and 5.1, DataEase, TAS + and Professional, and
much more on 5.25 and 8" disks which I haven't had time to catalogue
yet. There is even a full box of 10 brand new 8" disks. I also have a
Dragon 32 and may get an RM NB300 laptop if I am lucky. There is also
an original IBM PC/AT and a Wyse SCSI DAT drive. A lot of the software
is complete with original docs and some is shrink wrapped.

Can't wait to play with it all ;-)
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