Intel i960 evaluation board

From: Kevin Schoedel <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 23:07:23 2000

On 2000/04/20 at 8:52pm -0500, you wrote:
> I just picked up three of the Intel EV80960SX evaluation boards. They're
>evaluation boards for the Intel 80960 processors. There's a picture of one
>at "". Does anyone have the
>specs or any docs for them?

A little. I've never seen this particular board, but have a short
description of it in a data book. It's not quite ten years old :-)

The i960 is a rather nice 32-bit RISC architecture; the 80960SA is at the
bottom end of the family, lacking floating point and MMU, and having a
16-bit external data bus.

The board you have has 1/2M to 4M DRAM, some EPROM, possibly two flash,
two serial ports, one parallel port (input only), Canon print engine
interface, & processor signals brought out (presumably to the large white
connector). The EPROMs most likely contain a monitor that works over one
of the serial ports. I can't remember whether you can do anything with
just a terminal or whether you need particular host software.

Since some i960s are still in production, you can most likely get
information and software from Intel.

Kevin Schoedel
Received on Thu Apr 20 2000 - 23:07:23 BST

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