Progress on NEC APC

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Fri Apr 21 04:24:21 2000

Ok, so thanks to Don Maslin who sent me an NEC APC system disk
and a bit of luck I have finally been able to boot my NEC APC. I believe
the drive heads were dirty, but constant running of the disk in the drive
finally scraped away enough grime to make it read (couldn't find an 8"
head cleaning disk...must organize warehouse; drives are enclosed and I
couldn't seem to extract them from the machine to clean with
alcohol...oh well).

I stuck the disks I'm trying to recover data from in the B: drive and did a
DIR but they all come back with "NO FILE". Now of course this means
that the disks contain no files but I'm thinking there has to be something
wrong here.

The system disk is CP/M-86. I still don't know what format the disks in
question are but I assumed they were also CP/M-86. What could be
amiss here, aside from the possibility that the disks ARE empty? What
utilities are available to me on the system disk to view a raw dump of the
target disks?

I can't believe after all this effort that these damn disks contain nothing.

As always, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and
please reply directly to


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