Commodore Web Browsers

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Fri Apr 21 12:06:39 2000

Hello Cameron

I could get that for my c64's and call them internet ready now . . .

Didn't think that Piper Cub could fly with the 747's and MD11's. Now if I
could get a complete I'net package for my Osborne 1, that would be something
. . . .

On 21-Apr-00, you wrote:

> Well, for those of you following HyperLink 2.5, the web browser I'm
> on for the C64, as of this morning I was able to surf Yahoo at 26.4 kbps
> with a PC 28.8 modem and an ACIA cartridge. And a few other sites too,
> reminds me that Sam Ismail needs to put some ALT tags on those images on
> VCF site. ;-)

Gary Hildebrand
 Amiga lover
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