PDP flip-chips

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Fri Apr 21 17:22:37 2000

On April 21, healyzh_at_aracnet.com wrote:
> > Ok, can someone explain why flip-chips keep selling for serious cash on
> > Ebay? I thought one thing people liked about flip-chips was how easy
> > they are to repair, ie, they are typicaly either transistor/resistor/diode
> > circuits, or possibly even simpler circuits implemented with very basic
> > IC's...
> My guess is that unless they're someone on this list they're being used as
> ornaments :^( I picked up a couple lots about a year ago when they were
> going for less than they do now. What's disgusting is seeing a single
> flip-chip that's fairly common goign for big bucks.

  I think "common" is a matter of geography. Now, flip chips are much
easier to ship than big BA11 chassis, but...I've been looking for a
simple, run-of-the-mill pdp11/34a system around here (Maryland, DC
area) for the better part of two years...no dice...and many people
say the 11/34 is one of the most common DEC machines around.

  I think some sort of central "clearing house" might help...we all
have projects involving machines that need one component or another.
Many of us will ask our local friends, then post to lists like this
one, etc., and often the results are good...but sometimes not.

  I'm just thinking aloud here; this is a half-baked idea...maybe some
sort of web server with long-term lists of stuff we all have available
on the trading block, and maybe wish lists as well. Something to
facilitate better communications amongst folks like us that don't
necessarily know each other. Any thoughts?

               -Dave McGuire
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