Somewhat OT: Then & Now.

From: David Vohs <>
Date: Fri Apr 21 21:53:10 2000

This is something that I had posted on the comp.sys.cbm newsgroup that I
thought would be intresting to see how much the computer world has (or
hasn't) changed starting right around 1980 or so. So if you've seen this
before, I apologize.

Anyway, here are some things that have changed (or have they?) in the
computer world:

Back then we had: Daisychained peripherals to the Commodore IEC serial bus.
Now we have: Daisychained peripherals to the Universal Serial Bus.

Back then we had: The Original Macintosh.
Now we have: The iMac.

Back then we had: Computers with a built-in RF modulator.
Now we have: Video cards with a built-in RF modluator.

Back then we had: The Original Macintosh II.
Now we have: The G3/G4 PowerMac.

Back then we had: The Commodore 1581 head-knocking/Click of Death problem.
Now we have: The Iomega Zip drives' Click of Death problem.

Back then we had: The Macintosh Portable.
Now we have: The iMac.

Back then we had: The Tandy Model 100.
Now we have: The PalmPilot.

This is all that I could think of, I want anybody who can think of anything
that hasn't changed to add something on this list. Let's show people that
the old phrase "The more things change, the more things stay the same" is
David Vohs, Digital Archaeologist & Computer Historian.

Computer Collection:

"Triumph": Commodore 64C, 1802, 1541, FSD-1, GeoRAM 512, Okimate 20.
"Leela": Macintosh 128 (Plus upgrade), Nova SCSI HDD, Imagewriter II.
"Delorean": TI-99/4A.
"Monolith": Apple Macintosh Portable.
"Spectrum": Tandy Color Computer 3.
"Boombox": Sharp PC-7000.
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