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That's the ill-fated 88000 chipset by Motorola. It was Moto's
only entry into the then-new RISC processor market. The AViiON
is one of a handfull of machines developed to use the 88000.
The three chips collectively make up a CPU: the two 88200's
are cache/mmu, and the 88100 is the actual CPU itself.

The 88000 was way cool, on account of it was one of the earliest
RISC CPU's that was designed specifically to operate in parallel.

This processor family was doomed when Moto sold it's soul to
IBM and Apple and produced the PowerPC (it did this, but only
after Moto shot itself in the foot, yet again).

Anyways, the AViiON ran DG-UX, (a unix subspecies), and were
fairly cool in their day. They can be had *very* cheaply;
I seriously doubt many will survive. . .

While not yet 10 years old, I think it qualifies as 'classic'
(well, they're cheap enough so I can afford to purchase them;
that's good enough for me!!!) :^)


On Fri, 21 Apr 2000 22:45:15 -0500 Joe <> writes:
> Mike and I went to one place today and found the remains of a Data
> General
> Aiivion (sp?) in the scrap metal pile. We had gotten there too late
> to
> save it. :-( I did get the CPU module out of it. It has three large
> ICs on
> it. Two are XC88200RC25B s and the other is a MC88100RC25. Can
> anyone tell
> me what exactly these are?
> Joe

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