Intel i960 evaluation board

From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 10:51:19 2000

Hi Dick,

> That's odd ... I remember the i960 being touted as the cat's meow
>for laser printers and other highly demanding and high-speed embedded

Yep, it was originally intended as a processor for high-end workstations

However, certainly by 1992 they'd repositioned it in the embedded controller
arena - it appears in the 1992 edition of their "embedded controller &
microprocessor" handbooks.

>....I was never interested enough to investigate without a contract,
>since I am not an Intel enthusiast....

I actually worked with the thing for a couple of months in '92 (an embedded
application which was canned) and it wasn't a bad processor to work with at
all....which is saying something since I've either disliked or out and out
DESPISED every processor they've come up with since the 8080....

But then again, Intel did lose the plot when the 8080 team buggered off to
form Zilog.

  TTFN - Pete.

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