Interesting finds; 1801, National Semiconductor RM-665, Grid,HPs..

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 18:10:58 2000

Joe wrote:
> I found a 1801A CPU! This is the predecessor to the COSMAC 1802. I never

Cool, could you put a photo on your web site?

A few years ago in a surplus store I found the RCA CMOS databook that
contained (sketchy) specs for the 1801. However, the idiots were not
willing to accept an offer of $5 each for various data books I wanted,
apparently believing them to be more valuable. (I would have understood
if they had been trying to keep a reference library, but they claimed to
be trying to sell them.)

The databook indicated that the 1801 is a two-chip set, which consists of
the CDP1801C and CDP1801R, the former containing the control circuitry and
that latter containing the registers. Apparently RCA designed it as a
production prototype, and did not intend it for commercial use, instead
recommending that customers design in the 1802 which was due out soon
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