want Mac parts?

From: John R. Keys Jr. <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Sat Apr 22 19:16:45 2000

Want part of the country are you in I could use a lot of parts for my collection of Mac's ?
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  Two items for repairing old Macs (128, 512, Plus, maybe SE too?) One is a yoke assembly, the other is the cable that connects to the end of the CRT and goes to the analog board or motherboard, I can't remember which. Neither has any charred plugs or anything like that. As far as I know they work fine -- I pulled them off a broken-necked CRT.

  Yours for shipping cost, let me know. I may also be able to find one or two of those big old capacitors that always flake out, and toss them in too, if you want.

  Also, if you're looking for specific service parts for old macs, email me off-list with what you need -- I may be able to find what you're looking for from this junk dealer for free or very cheap. He has an assortment of parts in a pile, most still in their original boxes from Apple (he bought the heap from a repair center).

  -- MB

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