Interesting finds; 1801, National Semiconductor RM-665, Grid,HPs..

From: allisonp <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 20:00:15 2000

>A few years ago in a surplus store I found the RCA CMOS databook that
>contained (sketchy) specs for the 1801. However, the idiots were not

I have basic specs fot the pair, deeply burried though.

>The databook indicated that the 1801 is a two-chip set, which consists of
>the CDP1801C and CDP1801R, the former containing the control circuitry and
>that latter containing the registers. Apparently RCA designed it as a
>production prototype, and did not intend it for commercial use, instead
>recommending that customers design in the 1802 which was due out soon

Not quite true. the pair were used by special customers for quite a while
as they were by basic construction rad hard.

There were a few minor instruction differences as well, the 1801 had fewer
than the 02.

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