Interesting finds; 1801, National Semiconductor RM-665, Grid,HPs..

From: Mike <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 22:57:15 2000

Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Another item scored along with the rest of the subject's "interesting finds"
was an Applied Microsystems thingy (an ES0130 (???)) It's a multibus gizmo
in a small chasis missing the front plate. On the back , there are two db25
ports for Terminal and Computer, and a BNC for a Trigger. There is sticker
on top listing two options installed: 1) AMC/ES-68000/8 and, 2) AN/403158.
Another sticker on top says 128k.
There are five cards installed on the back plane accessable from the front
of the unit. They are:
    1. ES Controller (with a 6809 on board)
    2. ES Controller Memory
    3. Trace and Break
    4. ES Ram Overlay ver. 2
    5. 68010 08/00 Emulator

Anybody familiar with it?

I also got two Dec boards: M7164 (it has 4 AMD2901 bit slicers on it) and a
M7165. I'd happily trade both of these for a M7260 that I could dearly use.

And last but not least found is an boxed A MAX, the Macintosh Emulator for
the Amiga with the Apple ROMS but missing disks. Does anyone have this

Thanks and beware the bunnies...
- Mike:
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