VaxStation 3100 revisited

From: allisonp <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 23:00:43 2000

    Well... Alot of intervening miles later, one MMJ cable later, one doubly
terminated BNC T later, my VaxStation 3100's a little happier. Still not
booting though. SHOW DEV shows ESA0 (default boot) and the floppy (I forget
the dau) and DKA300 which it will not boot from. I take it these were
booted from somewhere else on the network. How can I get VMS on the DKA300
or at least see what's already there? Help!

    - Mike

    Well if it will nto boot from DAK300 (b DKA300 should work) then there
is no OS and it was stripped.

    To get VMS on it you need the hobby CD (montagar) and a SCSI CDrom that
can do small block size.

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