Manuals! Want 'em?

From: Marion Bates <>
Date: Sun Apr 23 15:25:15 2000

After much digging and sneezing, I've gathered some manuals to unload...mostly Mac-related but also some IBM. Here are a few I wrote down:

Apple stuff:
- shrinkwrapped IIsi and IIci owner's manuals (entire unopened sets of manuals for IIci -- including sys 7 reference -- email me if you want a list of what books are included)
- shrinkwrapped Guide to System 7
- shrinkwrapped Guide to Macintosh Common LISP (I don't know if there are disks in there too, if you're interested let me know and I'll check)
- big ol' box of A/UX manuals (didn't look in the box, so it may not be complete, but it probably is)
- various other system manuals, not shrinkwrapped
- assorted non-shrinkwrapped manuals for many OLD programs...Think C, Think Pascal, Timbuktu, Retrospect Remote, TrueBasic, etc. -- basically, things that are related to Mac system admin, or that are likely to be found in the math/cs dept of a college. If you're looking for software in those categories, email me off-list and I'll see if it's in the pile.

IBM Manuals (outside my area of knowledge, I just wrote down the titles -- these are all mini-3-ring binders with cloth covers and "IBM" on them, some of which are together in original box as a set):

- Technical Reference 2.02 PC XT
- Macro Assembler
- Guide to Operations
- MS DOS 2.10
- MS DOS 2.00

Let me know if you want any of these!

-- MB
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