IBM 3725 In Central Illinois

From: Bob Brown <>
Date: Mon Apr 24 08:20:34 2000

It's a communications controller for an IBM mainframe computer.

You hooked it up to your mainframe, put another comm controller on the other
end of a leased line, and you could have terminals/printers etc. hooked up
to a remote location.


> There is an IBM 3725 available in Champaign/Urbana Illinois at a local
> It is large, blue, and runs on three phase (as far as I could tell).
> Please let me know if anyone is interested in saving it. No docs, no
>media, no nothing... Just a large heavy blue computer. I certainly have
>neither the space nor the juice to house this beast.
> I'm also quite interested in what it is.
> Thanks for your replies, and please email if you have an interest in
>the system.
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