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From: Roger Ivie <rivie_at_teraglobal.com>
Date: Mon Apr 24 18:06:01 2000

>Once upon a time there was a company putting out a VMS clone for the
>IBM PC/XT/AT.. These same guys had a Unix look alike too.
>Who where they? anyone remember?

You're probably thinking of Wendin's PC/VMS and PC/Unix products. They were
built using Wendin's Operating System Toolkit. Although the sources to PC/VMS
and PC/Unix were available separately from the OS Toolkit, you really needed
both for it to be useful (I know; I bought a copy of PC/VMS).

If you're looking for a DEC-flavored OS for the PC, I would recommend S&H's
TSX-32. There's a two-user shareware version available on the net somewhere.
I've used the shareware version and bought a bunch of their documentation, but
haven't had an excuse to spring for the full-blown version of the OS. S&H can
be found at http://www.sandh.com/.

Roger Ivie
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