Apollo Workstation spotted in Ottawa

From: Frederic Charpentier <charp_at_bitflash.com>
Date: Tue Apr 25 08:00:57 2000

Hello all,

I found a full working Apollo workstation in Ottawa. If there is any
interest, I will check the model, etc...

Frederic Charpentier

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Subject: RE: Identify this LSI-11 floppy controller

>I have a couple floppy disk controllers from a device that contained an
>integrated LSI-11 cpu and a few other boards.
>The floppy controller is from Charles River Data Systems (C) 1978. On
>the connector, one of them has FC-202 / 1613 on it, the other has
>FC-202 / 1703. The floppy disks that were connected to it were
>single sided shugarts (801-2 if i recall correctly).

Yep, what you have there is one of the early RX02 clones.

>I'm curious if these can handle DSDD, and anything else that anyone
>knows about it.

No, it doesn't do DSDD. I've got a manual for the CRDS board here

If you're really interested in DSDD "RX03" controllers, the place to start
your research is Chester Wilson's DYCM handler, which claims to support
all the RX03 variants that exist in the wild. See


go into "rt-11", then "misc", then "ducmv5". Read dyc.doc (which is really
a text file, not a Microsoft Word file...)

>Also, is their a web site with information on pdp-11 boards, similar
>to the PDP8 omnibus lists and such that are available? i'd like to
>be able to look up what should be common boards, such as LSI-11
>cpus, 32K 18 bit MOS memory boards, various serial and parallel
>interface cards, etc.

The "Field Guide to Q-Bus and Unibus Modules" is what you want, and
versions have been floating around the net for years. It does very well
with DEC-numbered modules, not so well with third-party boards (although
they are admittedly a tough lot because they don't have a distinct series
of identifying numbers!)

You can find versions of it in many places, including the "hardware" page


and Megan's revisions at


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