New COSMAC stiff amd a VaxStation offer

From: Mike <>
Date: Tue Apr 25 17:16:30 2000

Wow. UPS just delivered and opening the boxes was better than sex. Newly aquired: a complete COSMAC Development System IV.

Check out:

Included with the pile were also about 65 original RCA documents covering Cosmac systems and options (that are listed in the above URL.) If anyone needs any related into looked up or copied...


I've now driven approx. 500 miles and spent alot of time diging for parts to get my VaxStation 3100 running (unsuccessfully.) I have other toys screaming for my time (reference above) so I therefore propose this trade: All I want is a harddrive with VMS( and DECwindows ) and a C compiler that I can just install in my machine to plug and play. In exchange for this pre-loaded harddrive, I'll trade an internal DEC CD-ROM (and controller card for the 3100,) an internal DEC TZ30, an external RRD40 CD-ROM, and 2 VaxStation 3100's for parts. Hell, I'll through in a BA11-KE crate (minus the power supply) if you want one too....

- Mike:

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