PDP-12s (Re: PDP-5 Rescued!)

From: Jay Jaeger <cube1_at_home.com>
Date: Tue Apr 25 21:49:44 2000

Now, now. I have one. At one point it was working almost perfectly. I
had to fix
one board and figure out a terminal interface for it, until I got lucky
later and scored
a current-loop interface board.

I had to reform the capacitors in the power supply at one point, after
blowing out
the big bridge rectifier.

I don't see that it would be worse (or better) than anything else of that

At one point it was working just fine. Currently it is mostly working, but
will not boot -- but I don't have time to fix it right now.

Jay Jaeger

At 06:50 PM 4/25/00 +0100, you wrote:
> >
> > At 09:06 PM 4/24/00 -0700, Kird Davis wrote:
> > >I suppose this means you don't want your PDP8's now. Right?
> >
> > Au Contraire mon ami! It means now I need a PDP-12 to put the whole
> family
> > together :-) Not that its all that likely that I'll find a -12. Still
>Well, if ever you do manage to find one, I have all the prints,
>engineering drwings, module schematics, etc for the PDP12/TU55/VR12. No,
>I am not giving them up, but if anyone is crazy [1] enough to attempt a
>restoration on one of these machines then I'd be happy to look things up,
>[1] Being crazy is a Good Thing, of course.

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