Opening CP/M files (.asm/.bas)

From: Sipke de Wal <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 12:44:43 2000

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Subject: Opening CP/M files (.asm/.bas)

> I have an Apple II with a Z80 card, and lots of CP/M disks for it but I'm
> having a problem opening the .ASM and .BAS files. I thumbed through a book
> on both Mbasic and CP/M but neither of these books clearly describe how to
> work with these files.
> The Mbasic books says to open Mbasic, and at the "OK" prompt type RUN
> "B:MAINT.BAS" (for example)but when I do that, it gives me a "Direct
> Statement in file" message, and then it goes back to the "OK" prompt.

See if you can edit the .BAS file with an editor (Only a ASCII .BAS file
can contain a direct statement) Then edit out the offending statment and run
it. I don't see how a tokenized .BAS file could be saved with a direct

For .ASM files you need an assembler and linker/loader program to generate
the object code (usually a .COM file). Look for another program like ZASM.COM
that may be the assembler.
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