Collectors from Holland & India please contact me...

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 11:59:41 2000

>On Sat, 22 Apr 2000 12:04:48 -0700 Sellam Ismail
><> wrote:
>> Also, she would like information about the different locations around the
>> world trying to model their local high tech economy around the Silicon
>> Valley, and calling themselves "Silicon <something>", ie. Silicon
>> Corridor, Silicon Gulch, etc. If your local high tech community is
>> referred
>> to as the "Silicon <whatever>" and you can talk a bit about it then please
>> contact me <> and I'll pass your info along to her.
>I've heard the area around Cambridge, UK, referred to as
>"Silicon Fen". The Fens are a low-lying area of
>countryside near Cambridge.
>Also, in Scotland there's "Silicon Glen". Somewhere near
>Edinburgh, I think. Possibly referring to the HP works

I don't think any area starts calling itself "silicon" anything until some
news media hangs the tag on them. Its a media thing, not a people thing.
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