TU56 and PDP-8/E available

From: johnb <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Wed Apr 26 13:56:14 2000

After selling my collection I have a few pieces available that did not go. I
also held some wishlist items aside. I received a lot of requests for a
PDP-8/E and TU56 tape drives. I am not going to eBay these items and am
hoping someone here wants to buy them.

The PDP-8/E:

Serial #722. Surface rust. Poor front panel (scratches and worn). I restored
this mini to running condition and *really* don't want to spend the time
repainting it and having a new front panel screened. The mini comes with:

4K core, M865 teletype interface.
Full set of maintenance manuals. (all three)

The TU56:

Loaded, very nice and in great condition. Set up for PDP-8.Has the 5 G888
cards and an M961. This unit can easily be converted to PDP-11 by removing
the G888s and placing them in the TC11, removing the M961 and adding the two
TC11 cables. Serial #8045 - yes, that means 8045 unhappy customers and field
service calls! The TC11 has been sold.

Both are available for a decent offer. The going rate for a TU56 is about
$1000. Best offer takes them.

I am also selling some stuff *outside* the DEC world that was not part of my
collection sale:

HP21MX system, paper tape, disk controller, extenders, extra parts, internal
DEC manuals. I think Jay West was interested in these.

Data General Nova 3 manuals and books and software and spare boards.

Cromemco S-100 - very heavy, 4 floppy drives, manuals. Built like a tank.
Never turned on, I don't restore S-100 stuff.

Victor Graphics S-100 with floppy drives. Same status as above.

I have around 4 TM02/TM03 units I am scrapping. Pick up or I throw out.

Please e-mail me off the list.


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