Opening CP/M files (.asm/.bas)

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Date: Thu Apr 27 10:35:56 2000

> Also, what would be the reason that someone would distribute their programs
> in .ASM form, instead of in .COM form? Is this so that other people can edit
> or change them before they use them? That could be good, I guess but it
> seems like a lot of extra work for the end user (me.)

Exactly, not everyone out there is paranoid of giving away source code.

> These disks were produced by an old CP/M user group, and they are labeled by
> disk number (5a, 5b, 28a, 28b for example,) and they are a confusing mess.
> Some of the programs have files scattered between numerous disks, mixed in
> with bits and pieces of other programs. Sheesh. It's going to take some
> time to sort this headache out. I must be out of my mind.

Usually those files are compressed archives, you may need LHA, DELBR,
unarc or other tools to "open" them.

I may add most of the files you'd find are on the WC cdrom (or the online
copies of it.).

The organization of those disks were likely by date of issue.

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