From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Apr 27 13:36:16 2000

On Apr 27, 13:08, Scott Hall wrote:
> Thanks for the reply, Mark. This PI is on circa 1994 Irix 5.3. Nope,
> this cut of Blender is IrisGL, so I don't think that's it.
> Certain stock Irix 5.3 demos don't work. Launching the MahJong is fine,
> so is the flight sim. Launching the mandelbrot fractal maker is a no
> go--says 24-bit is needed. The Porsche driving sim. comes up but puts
> up an error message that says "gconfig: not enough bitplanes for RGB
> mode."

Some of the demos are intended specifically to show off capabilities, or
demonstrate how to program, the 24-bit or Z-buffered systems, so I wouldn't
expect them all to work or even compile on an entry-level graphics system
(if you only have entry-level graphics, some of the headers and libraries
will not be there).

> Mark Green wrote:
> > > > A student of mine has a circa 1990 SGI Personal Iris with GR1.2
> > > > graphics--apparently less than 8-bit. He wants to run Blender on
> > it
> > > > <> and he'll need at least 8-bit graphics to do
> > that.
> > >
> > > Anybody have a PI graphics board that's 8-bit or better to give or
> > sell
> > > to him?
> > >
> >
> > There's something wrong here. I know of no SGI with less
> > than 8 bits of graphics, all the PIs have at least 8 bit
> > graphics, and most of them have 24. So the problem must
> > be somewhere else.

Mark is right: GR1.2 is 8-bit. Some GR1.2 boards are apparently
upgradable to TG (the next level), if the big chip in the middle is
socketed rather than soldered (you replace it with a TG piggyback board).
 I *think* all versions can be upgraded to 24-bit. Whether you'd find an
upgrade now is another matter, of course.

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