Can a Mac Portable battery be "trickle charged"?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Apr 27 16:14:04 2000

>One thing I have found very useful for making up non-standard lead acid
>batteries is 'cyclon' cells. These are individual 2V lead-acid cells. And

I think those are what the Portable is using to start with, so a new
battery pack is fairly "easy". A place in northern california rebuilds old
packs for about $50, but wants a fair amount for a "core" pack if you don't
have one.

Ebay has all this stuff of course, including the power adapter, one of
which I think I may have.

IIRC the portable "floats" the voltage on the battery pack for regulation,
and running without batteries or a bad pack can cause trouble. I would be
VERY cautious using anything but the original AC adapter. I had a brand new
printer fry on the first paper jam when the power supply I was using failed
to current limit like the wimpy factory unit.
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