Opening CP/M files (.asm/.bas)

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Cp/M was a cross-platform operating system with several layers to provide
support for any platform for which the base functions of CP/M were
compiled. In other words, if your machine boots cp/m then you can run the
vast majority of CP/M programs. Some you won't. A good example of a
situation in which a program cannot run is if it takes advantage of
non-standard system calls to access the video subsystem. There are quite
a few of these programs but most are commercial such as CPT system
accounting, spreadsheet and word processing. The CPT had a very custom
full-page physical display.

Elsewise most all programs should compile and run but do need to be
compiled on YOUR particular architecture machine to function.

Probably the most important setting in CP/M is your terminal settings.
CP/M software will run on anything but does have to be informed as to what
termninal type (ie ADM3a, Soroc, Televideo, Etcetera) in order to operate
correctly. --
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