PKZips Phil Katz dead

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Thu Apr 27 17:46:04 2000

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Marvin wrote:

> I just received this notice from a friend of mine. This was the first notice
> I had seen. Anyone know any more of the details?
> This appears to be a revisionist report with regard to why Pkzip was
> created. I still have some of the email (somewhere) that circulated from
> both Katz and the creators of ARC when the creators of ARC sued Katz for
> IIRC having something to do with PKARC not being 100% compatible with the
> widely used ARC compressions scheme used.
> -------------------
> PKzip Creator dies . . .
> "Phillip W. Katz died of complications from chronic alcoholism, according to
> the Milwaulkee medical examiner’s records. Katz’s file-compression software
> is used
> around the world. 'In early days, compression was all done with software
> because there was no hardware to do this stuff,' said computer science
> professor Leonard Levine at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 'So Katz
> put together a program called PKZip, the Phil Katz zip program. ' The
> compression software made communication between computers faster and less
> expensive." Of all the 'programs' on the planet, PKUnZip has to be one of
> the more well-known binaries .
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