Of course... a few more VMS questions... ;-)

From: John Wilson <wilson_at_dbit.dbit.com>
Date: Thu Apr 27 19:23:52 2000

On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 04:50:59PM -0400, CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com wrote:
> The only PDP-11 operating system I know that uses "?" for single-character
> wildcarding is XXDP (if you want to call it an OS...) DOS-11 might take
> it too.

"?" is the single-character wildcard in RSTS. Actually, it's the *only*
true wildcard character in RSTS, "*" is converted to question marks by .FSS.
The .RAD50 value for ? is the same as what RSX/RT call "%" though. But
RSTS already uses "%" as a single-character logical name for [1,4].

DOS/BATCH PIP (V10-03A) doesn't seem to like *either* % or ?, only *, and
it appears to have to occupy the whole field (e.g. *.LDA or EDIT.* are OK
but not E*.LDA). Haven't tried digging through the docs though -- there's
another "phone book"!

John Wilson
D Bit
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