AOL Disks Collectable - why not?

From: Kevin Stumpf/Unusual Systems <>
Date: Thu Apr 27 21:12:12 2000

Why not collect AOL memorabilia? The definition of a collectible (ideally)
is something that wasn't made to be collected, but through circumstance
began to appeal to people and people started collecting them.

One man's treasure is another man's trash. You must admit those little
diskette packages were distinctive, ingenious packaging, and there were
many, many versions. These are good grounds for becoming a collectible.

While they are not my cup'o tea, I hope those that can perhaps only collect
them, instead of systems, have fun.

So don't run off and be a hermit. Run up to an AOL diskette collector and
give them a hug.

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> > A friend of mine just sent me an article describing AOL Disks as being
> > collectable from the Seattle Times. I have been saving and collecting
> You know with news like that I'm thinking of heading out into the
> and becoming a hermit. Please stop the World and let me off, the world
> truely has gone crazy!
> Someone mind explaining what possible reason *ANYONE* could have for
> to collect AOL disks!
> Zane
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