Sun 3/260, Complete. Available at CPB

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Date: Fri Apr 28 02:32:35 2000

A sun 3/260 is available at Computer Parts Barn.

The machine consists of the complete computer and chassis, 19" (looks
like) monitor, keyboard and mouse, and SMD hard disk in a separate
enclosure. I'm told SMD hard disks on sun boxes this old is a rare

Shipping would be steep for this machine. I would guess it at 150lbs or
thereabouts. I might be underestimating a bit as well.

Anyone who needs specifics on the machine can contact Ed Kirby at
EDCPB_at_EMAIL.COM for more information. Ed will not provide the level of
detail you are looking for as far as specifications on a given machine
unless they are immediately at hand. In most cases they are not. I will
gladly go and dissassemble, spec, and test the machine if you like (see

Ed can be slow to get hold of. He is not in town at the moment and it may
be a week before he reads your message. Alternately you can contact me
and when he comes back I'll give him a list of 'hits' for his gear.

I don't make a dime from Ed or anything connected with Computer Parts Barn
or my messages relating to CPB or Ed's property. I like Ed and the
concept of CPB and would like to help both him and the computing community
by disseminating information about gear I see when I visit there.

My role in these messages is to offer my services in helping you discover
exactly what it is you may be/are buying via a hands-on assessment of the
machine(s) in question by a fellow vintage computer enthusiast and
qualified technician.

Jeffrey S. Worley
Technical Services
Bits & Bytes Computer Services Inc.
1979B Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803
828-684-8953 - voice 0900-1700 five days
828-687-9284 - 24hr fax
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