RCA Dev System IV another update...

From: Mike <dogas_at_leading.net>
Date: Fri Apr 28 10:07:46 2000

From: technoid_at_cheta.net <technoid_at_cheta.net>

>Excellent. What are the specs on the machine or do you know yet?

The options installed in the machine are listed at:

It's an 1802 microprocessor based system (of course) with 60K of ram, 15
slot (Microboard buss) "card nest", rom( ut21 utilities/monitor),
parallel&serial i/o interfaces, integrated ascii keyboard and crt, extertnal
dual 8" floppies (CDP18S801), and ports that tightly link in an external
Micromonitor (CDP18S030) microprocessor ICE unit.

CDOS, The disk based operating system has (I'm looking for) programs for
full screen editing program and various levels of interpreters/compilers for
Basic, Assembler, Pascal, etc...

I found a source for the PLM compiler and MOPS (the Micromonitor Operating
System) so the machine won't be completlely without software soon and I can
already now hand assemble stuff and poke it in through the the ut21 monitor

- Mike: dogas_at_leading.net
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