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Date: Fri Apr 28 11:32:35 2000

On 27-Apr-2000 Marvin wrote:
> Anyone still remember Wordstar :). I received this URL that has info,
> updates, etc. for those people that still use it.
> http://www.glinx.com/%7Egrifwood/WordStar.html

Heh! I haven't used WordStar for a loooooooooooooong time. Since
2.x days, I think. On a PCjr. I fondly remember modifying the executable
in debug to change options. Then a new version came out that had an app
that did essentially the same thing. And then WordStar 2000 came out and
I switched to word perfect 5.1.

To say that WordStar had a very strong effect on me is an understatement.
I *still* use WordStar key bindings in my editor (joe under linux,
quick edit under DOS, tse32 under GameOS). I just don't have the patience
nor the inclination to learn new stuff. Just ^KB ^KK and the rest for me.

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