Can a Mac Portable battery be "trickle charged"?

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Fri Apr 28 11:58:21 2000

> >> I'm currently hunting for a PowerBook 1xx adapter,
> >which I'm told is usable with the
> >> Portable
> >
> >I would stick with a powerbook 100 adapter (model
> >m5140, 2.0 amps). For a time I used a PB 170
> >on my portable (model m5652, 3.0 amp output) which
> >would initially work well, but eventually the HDD
> >begin screeching, even without the 9V battery
> FWIW I do have a "real" portable AC adapter, and
could be convinced to sell
> to a list member at less than its full eBay value. ;)
The real adapter, which puts out 1.5 amps, will only
spin the HD if the battery will hold a charge. If it
won't you need to use at least a PB 100 adapter, and
probably no more than that.
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