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From: Marvin <>
Date: Fri Apr 28 19:36:26 2000 wrote:
> << > he wrote PKZIP, and within a year ARC was no longer the defacto standard
> for
> > BBS's. I believe the company that wrote ARC is now extinct. Serves them
> right. >>
> Hmm . . . I'm not sure I understand this point of view. Katz _stole_ the
> algorithm from ARC -- why shouldn't they sue?
> I was using ARC and PKZIP extensively back in '88-'89 and IIRC Katz
> reverse-engineered the ARC code in order to make his product work.

IIRC, part of the reason for the suit was that if SEA did not sue, they
would stand a good chance of losing their right to the name "ARC". PKzip was
written as a result of losing that suit. I recall that sentiments ran high
when SEA initiated the suit and there was a lot of "so there" on the part of
BBS sysops which contributed greatly to the very fast acceptance of ZIP as
the standard archiving method.
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