Fluke DOS

From: Stan Perkins <stan_at_netcom.com>
Date: Sat Apr 29 09:00:10 2000


I have the two FDOS floppies around here somewhere. IIRC, one is the
actual OS, and the other is the diagnostics and utilities. The big
problem for me will be duplicating them, as I'm not sure if I still have
a working PC with a 5-1/4" drive! But if I find one, I'd be happy to
make copies for you (and anyone else on the list who needs them,
providing I can also find a source of 5-1/4" blank floppies).


Joe wrote:
> Hi,
> I picked up a second FLuke 1722 today. This one does have the keyboard
> (at last)! But I still haven't found the operating system software for it.
> Can anyone help? It uses Fluke's F-DOS. I'd also like to find a manual
> for it.
> The 1722 is an instrument controller. It has a built in touch sensative
> screen that measures about 5 x 7 inches. It also has one built in RS-232
> port and one HP-IB port and it's controlled by a TMS9900 CPU.
> Joe
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