11/23+ question

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Date: Sat Apr 29 12:38:52 2000

> I was wondering if anyone had an idea about an 11/23+ I picked up recently.
>It's a normal looking 11/23+, but the UART closest to the console connecters
>is replaced by a 40 pin socket. The socket has a ribbon cable attached which
>goes to a small board (2x3.5 inches) that contains a UART and a couple of
>other chips (notebly a dallas ds2010).

A DS2010 is a 1024*9 FIFO.

> Looking at the socket, it's not a
>rework, I believe the board came this way from DEC. The small board has a
>part number 010-01135-00 rev b etched on it.

I don't see that part number in my indices, but it certainly sounds like
it may be a DEC part number. With the FIFO and the UART, it obviously has
something to do with buffering either input or output through the serial
port. Interesting find! If you look on the board handles, are there any
suffixes on the M8189? (Something like "YA" or "YB"?)

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