Hmmm, VMS again

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Apr 29 18:53:59 2000

>How was VMS distributed? I've got a blue box that says "OpenVMS" and
>contained a "wallet" of CD-ROMS with VMS for Alpha and VMS for VAX. There
>is one VAX-VMS Binraries CD and one that is labelled "Layered Products 1 of
>1" and the VMS FreeWare 2.0 CD. I'm looking for the C, Fortran, and PASCAL
>compilers. But they don't appear to be on either of these disks. Was there
>another CD with even more layered products on it?

You've got a OpenVMS V7.0 distribution kit from the sounds of things, but
you don't have the Software Product Library, which is a whole pile of CD's.

For what you want you're best bet is to just buy the Hobbyist V2 CD for
VAX. Alternativelly, if you're lucky you can dig up a SPL, good luck on
that though, unless you want to shell out something like $1600 for a new

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