OT: DDS Tapes

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Sat Apr 29 19:52:12 2000

> Question, can a DDS1 tape be used in a DDS2 drive to test the drive, or am
> I going to have to go out and spend the $$$'s on a tape to test the drive?

AFAIK, all DDS2 (and DDS3, and DDS4) drives are capable of reading DDS1
tapes. They should be capable of writing also, but some drives, like the
HPs, may default to write-protecting early DDS1 tapes that don't have the
MRS stripes. HP drives have a jumper setting to override that.

Note that there's nothing wrong with pre-MRS DDS1 tapes; the drive just
has no way to distinguish them from cheap audio tapes, so it want to
discourage you from using them.

I know it's not what you were asking, but I've found it somewhat ironic
that many computer "professionals" I've met wanted to save money by backing
up their data onto audio grade tape. But many audiophiles will only use
DDS1 certified data grade tape for their music, because they want to avoid
dropouts. Really sheds some light on what things people consider

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