Thinkpad 720 AC adapter

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Date: Sun Apr 30 13:49:38 2000

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> I may have one at work, I'll check in the morning. The machie it's with
> doesn't start up so I'll have to do voltage checks on it to insure that
> it's the machine and not the charger/adapter.

Russ, better do open up that brick first and check solder joints for
breaks and resolder. I caught this too on 700C, same adapter for
both series and few other TPs used this brick also.

Also, sometimes solder joints on SMDs chips break loose. Check this
on video board ceramic square IC leads to pads. On mine it was loose
and check that 2 sticks of aluminum is still stuck to the two VRAM
ICs. Mine were both broken loose.

FYI: This parts are 80% interchangeable between 700 and 720 series.

Word of warning to all solo 2300 owners: Check that one screw
securing the bottom heatsink and motherboard is SECURE and better yet
locked in place with loctite under the CPU daughterboard!
This job requires removing the aluminum box (4 screws) and pulling
the cpu module after removing one screw in middle in front of
heatsink w/ fan. Caught this on two solo 2300 notebooks; one
resulted in dead cpu module and revived other one thanks to this one
loose screw touching underside of the cpu module. Ouch!

Hint, quiet mode is true power mode will be higher performance, when
cpu gets hot enough fan spins not other way around. Oops plus one
typo error mistake on bios programmer. Performance mode results in
overheating and slower performance because the fan is "disabled".

GW2K will not sell any parts unless you have a major account with
them or send in GW2K notebooks for repairs. Ebay or like or third
party parts sellers was only way we could fix these GW2K notebooks.

Accessing to innards is easy on
this solo 2300, remove 4 black screws on back to get hinge cover off
after opening up display 180 deg, 4 more to get keyboard gently
flipped over or totally removed after pulling the retainer latch up.

Don't forget to pull battery pack and power plug first. ;-)

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