HP 98730 DaVinci Framebuffer ?

From: Jarkko Teppo <jarkko.teppo_at_er-grp.com>
Date: Thu Apr 20 07:34:36 2000

On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 09:00:55AM -0500, Joe wrote:
> Jarkko,
> I can't help you with the software and docs but I have a 98730 also. I
> thought it was just a card when I bought it on E-bay but was real surprised
> when the seller wanted $40+ to ship it!

I guess that would be a correct figure..

> I've opened it up and checked it
> out inside. It's quite a piece of work! I don't have the cable of the
> interface card for mine so it's just gathering dust at the moment.

What I'd also like to get is a list of the cards (ID:s etc.). I think
it's possible to extend it with 3D hw and the like. A funny snippet of
information: in console mode (connected to a 9000/300) everytime the
screen scrolls or prints something the fb makes these weird, pretty
silent sounds. It sounds like it's powered by tiny hamsters in tiny workout

Anyway, I assume you have the interface card, right ? Could tell me
the model number of it so I could check if it matches the if-card that
I have. It's a shame to let this fine peace of hardware rot unused:)

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