Radio Shack Wire-Wrapping Tool

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Aug 1 12:03:49 2000

A week or two ago I expressed my doubt that you could still get
Wire-Wrapping tools from Radio Shack. Well, I got one on Sunday, so I
figured I'd share the part number since the stores ar clueless for the most
part (I was dumbfounded to find someone that more or less knew what I was
talking about).

        Wire-Wrapping Tool P/N: 276-1570A

It's one of the little ones that looks a little like a Jewelers
screwdriver, and it cost a whole $7.49 so needless to say I was just a
little bit happy. Now I can finally redo the serial ports on the DLV-11J
in my PDP-11/73 :^)

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