Radio Shack Wire-Wrapping Tool

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Aug 2 00:17:09 2000

Richard Erlacher wrote:
> If you need one or two to put in various places where you whittle on your
> work or that of others, I'd certainly recommend you give this one a try.
> There's a little cut-n-strip tool made originally by OK-Tool Co. that's also
> a handy tool for the occasonal wrapper's toolkit. It cuts off thewire and
> strips a nominally 1" length of it at the end all in basically one stroke.
> (When you pull the tool off, you take the insulation with you.)

Another wirewrap tool I have used (and fell in love with at the first use)
is one that strips and wraps in one step. Granted, it is used on a wirewrap
gun but it sure speeds up the process of wirewrapping!!! IIRC, it is also
made by OK Tool.
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