Strange device, stuff available FS or Trade

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Wed Aug 2 15:09:58 2000

Well the VAX fairy visited me and dropped off a "pile of junk". Inside the
junk were a couple of Unibus expansion bays and in those were a board from
MDB systems that asserts it connects a Unibus to a Q-bus. Unfortunately
I've only got the Unibus half apparently and there is a matching card that
plugs into the Q-bus. Since I'm intending to use the Unibus expansion to
extend the bus space of my 11/34a, this board is available for trade. I've
also got the manual and I'll include a copy with that.

Apparently I also got a set of VAX 11/750 cpu cards and memory. Is this
something anyone is interested in?

Finally I got some docs on the VAX BI bus but I'm reserving those for Bill
if he wants them.

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