ID an emulex Unibus board anyone?

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Wed Aug 2 20:09:01 2000

At 16:47 02-08-2000 -0700, Chuck wrote:

>Ok, the "fibre channel company" disavows any knowledge of having ever
>produced cards for Unibus :-) I've got three boards that are made by
>Emulex, go in the Unibus and are marked CS2110203/H2B. There are two 50 pin
>connectors on the top (channel 0-7, 8-15), an LED labelled "fault", and two


        Exactly right on your guess that they're comm controllers. The kicker is
that, in order to function properly, I believe they require the specific
Emulex distribution panel.

        I could be wrong about that. I also (fuzzily) recall that the CS21 may in
fact have RS232 outputs directly on those 50-pin headers.

        Are there a bunch of RS232 line driver/receiver chips right below said

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